What Makes us Different

Better insurance rules for hole-in-one contests.

Our Commitment to your event! No one made us extend coverage, expand sponsorship, and change contest rules for a better event. It was the right thing to do for you.

Treat your lady golfers like ladies. Now, they can play from the regular ladies’ tee box on every hole. Ladies appreciate they are not playing from some artificial tee, created on the men’s box, to take their most valuable shots.

The architect designed the golf course. Treat the course with respect. We have no minimum distance. If there is a signature hole you want to put the contest on we can cover it.

Men and ladies always play bonus holes from the regular distance of the same tee they played the main prize hole(s) from.

Your sponsor(s) name or logo on every sign.

Bonus Prizes can be from your business, not someone else’s golf clubs, trips, or clothes that are not supportive of the sponsor. Or use every winner’s preferred prize, the Cash prize.

Easier to setup the course when regular tees are used, leading to fewer mistakes

Strongest protections in the hole-in-one coverage industry if a shot is made from the wrong yardage.