Stellar Bonus Prizes

Stellar Hole-In-One provides Bonus Prizes like no one else!

Bonus Prizes are a crucial part of building a successful event. Putting a prize on every par three hole gives maximum excitement to the golfers and maximum exposure to the sponsors. We offer you superior choices to suit every event’s need. Choose from our Classic option, Cash option, or Name Your Own Bonus Prize!

With more prizes you get more sponsor exposure, or if you wish, you can sell additional sponsorships because every sign has a sponsor’s name or logo!

Classic Prizes

Great prizes add value to your event! You can choose which one, or all three, of the items that work best for your event!

Cash Option

Every player wants to win cash! Choose one or all your bonus prizes to be $555 cash and make every winner happy!

Name Your Bonus Prize!

Make your sponsorship better by offering custom prizes from your sponsors! We’ll reimburse the sponsors up to $555 toward their prize. How does it work?

A past event’s Car Dealer sponsor chose to not only give away one of his new cars as the main prize, but also wanted to provide special products he knew his golfers would love. He chose a grill, golf clubs, and the $555 cash as his prize package, and had a great sponsorship event!

Your sponsors too can create their own package by choosing any product or service of their choice, and we will reimburse them $555 if there’s a winner! Feel free to mix and match from our classic and cash options above to include with products/services of their choice!

Other examples include:
Jewelry from your local Jeweler
Vacation deals from your local Travel Agent
Deals and specials from any local business