Flexible Hole in One Prize Coverage at Great Prices

It doesn’t matter what the prize is – Cash, Cars, Jewelry, Travel, Real Estate, anything you can name, our hole-in-one insurance pays if your prize is won!

The cost of your coverage is based on:

  • The number of golfers in your event
  • The length of your hole
  • The value of the prize you offer

Call us at 888 633 7997 or Get a Quote.

What’s in our hole-in-one prize package?

Choose only the hole-in-one prize package options you want and save. We have the most flexible and still complete prize package backed up by hole-in-one insurance and the contest rules to make certain you have a Stellar Event. Coverage for main prize and up to 4 bonus prizes.

  • You can have multiple main prizes if you desire
  • Signs for every main prize and bonus prize, only if you need them.
  • Every golf hole sponsorship sign will have a Sponsor Name or Sponsor Logo when artwork is provided.
  • The most options for bonus prizes. Choose our classic bonus prizes, cash up to $555 or $555 cash towards any prize you or the sponsor chooses! View our Bonus Prizes.
  • We pay for multiple winners
  • Ladies get a 15-yard advantage from the men’s tee
  • Prize protection long after other coverages stop
  • Standard Shipping is included

Want even more fun and sponsorship?

We also offer a variety of sponsored fundraising contests you can add to your event:

  • 50-foot Putting Contests
  • Dice Roll Contest
  • Shootout contests from 165 yards
  • Million Dollar Shots

The cost of these fundraising contests, the prizes offered, and number of attempts will vary. View our Contest Add-Ons Rules.