More hole-in-one insurance protection, more flexibility, more sponsorship, more fun.

Have a Big Impact on Your Event – get maximum coverage and sponsorship value

  • Present your sponsor’s name on every sign with bonus prizes that are meaningful to the sponsor.
  • Get the strongest protection from distance mistakes
  • No insurance restriction on hole length. ALL your golfers, particularly ladies, get a normal shot at a hole-in-one in your contest.
  • and get more!

Or you’ll miss enhanced sponsorship, extra protection, and fun

  • You could fail to identify the real sponsor on bonus holes and offer prizes that support someone other than the actual sponsor.
  • You could be stuck telling a golfer they did not win anything because their shot was from the wrong distance.
  • You could be forced by insurance rules to create artificial tees and place all golfers, particularly ladies, at a disadvantage on contest holes. You’ll leave golfers with an empty feeling when they have no chance to win your hole-in-one prize because of arbitrary insurance rules.

Make it a Stellar Event! Let us serve you & yours the way you deserve!